The Italia Imola Vario is a redesign of the Imola 6, but with some fresh, clean design changes, a redesigned body cavity for better tone as well as weight reduction, and even more tonal variation in the pickup configuration. 

We couldn’t help but go back to the classic style 3-way switches to split the bass and treble sides of all 3 Italia Duplex pickups (or to control the SIX mini pickups…you decide).  We added a 5 position rotary switch that allows for you to dial every combination imaginable. Think about it…you can choose the 2nd position of the rotary switch, have the bass side only of the neck pickup, treble side only of the center, and then click the rotary to 4th position for bridge and center pickup for the solo, and have a completely different sound configuration for the bridge pickup! This truly is about the most tonally diverse 6 string ever made.   

The Imola Vario features Wilkinson WV6 Vintage tremolo with Italia locking machines, with a graphite nut to keep things perfectly in tune. The chambered Alder body with Maple top are bolted to a rock maple neck and Italia’s inverted headstock.

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